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Faith Over Fear

Updated: May 3, 2022

Faith Over Fear

I remember when I had booked my first photo shoot. I never took professional pictures before and the fact that I was about to do my first one had me super nervous. Have you ever been so nervous to the point where you talk yourself out of doing something? It happens to me all the time. Sometimes we don’t have enough Faith within ourselves to believe that we can achieve our greatest potential. It’s been said that it’s normal to get nervous, but fear is a different kind of feeling. Fear makes you want to hide and run from your true destiny. Fear makes you believe that it’s not possible when in reality we are just in our heads. But we have to get out of our way. We can’t allow fear to overcome us. But to overcome fear is by Faith.

What is faith?

I define Faith as believing in something that has not yet happened or been proven done. Faith is leaping courage. Faith to me is kinda like going skydiving for the very first time. Even though you don’t know what to expect, all you know is that you are going a thousand miles up just to come down in the hopes of not dying.

One of my favorite books that talk a lot about the importance of Faith and increasing your Faith is Michaels Todd’s Crazy Faith: It’s Only Crazy Until it Happens. You can tell by the title that this book is a must-read. It’s free to dream, our imagination is powerful. Anything that we desire, anything that we want to achieve in life is achievable. But do you believe that you can make your dreams a reality? Do you believe that God will guide you towards your dream or even your purpose? You don’t have to answer this question right now. However, you can reflect on it later. The good thing about Faith is you don’t even have to have Big Faith. You just hope for the life you want, that car you want to buy in the future, or that house you want to move into is Faith. Maybe not Big Faith but it's Faith to start with. Even though dreams are free and you are still hoping, there is that fear that is somehow holding you back.

Then Comes Fear!

On the other side of Faith is Fear. Fear is a scary word. I mean if you say it, it sounds creepy (maybe not so much to some people, but it does to me). No one doesn’t want to have fear, but sometimes fear gets the best of us. Fear gets us out of living in our greatness. It holds us back from the things we truly want and desire.

I define fear as being afraid to do what is fulfilling to you or allowing something so small to have power over you. A perfect example could be posting on social media and caring about other people’s opinions of you. Fear can also be in a different form of your thoughts tricking you into believing you’re not good enough. To be honest we are the only ones that hold us back from our true greatness.

Overcoming Fear

I realized that people’s opinions don’t matter. When I’m on the airplane and I’m a thousand miles up in the sky, (if I have a window seat) I look down and I realize how big God is and how small people are. I’m not saying this to sound cruel, but I’m saying this to give you comfort and encouragement. Don’t allow negative comments or opinions to stop you from achieving your greatness. It’s better to live full of accomplishments (or even small accomplishments) than full of regrets. You have a mission to complete before you leave this earth. Make sure to leave your Mark before you go.

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