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About Me


My name is Mariah A. Johnson but you can call me MJ.  Born and Raised in Louisville, KY. Joined the US Army in May of 2018.  The purpose of this website is to give encouragement and inspiration to those who aspire to be their best selves.


I am an Entrepreneur who is striving to break generational curses of bad habits that was once develop through my childhood.  Let’s Get Personal with MJ is a personal blog of encouragement, life lessons, and tips all from my own experiences.


I use to be afraid of failing, but now I know that failing is all about achieving success.  In order to discover, our true greatness by starting.   I wrote a book called Breaking Free from Bad Habits: One Step at a Time because I knew if I wanted to be successful, I had to break some of my own bad habits that were holding me back from my true potential.  I’m quite sure you can relate. I hope you find meaning, connection,  and inspiration on this page.  Let’s Get Personal.

Click to get your copy. Available on Amazon and Kindle

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